How can we assist persons with disabilities?

DTS Disability Tax Services Ltd. was formed to be the premier provider of specialized expertise to assist eligible persons with disabilities, and families with a child with a disability, in procuring valuable tax credits and benefits that could serve to offset the costs of disability and provide financial support.***   

A careful review of the Canadian disability tax landscape demonstrates that only a fraction of eligible persons with disabilities, including families with a child with a disability, are receiving and maximizing valuable tax credits and tax benefit programs.

Every individual’s circumstances are so unique, that we believe a company that devotes it’s entire focus to disability taxation is key to the development of viable solutions to overcome the hurdles blocking the way for tax benefits so urgently needed by those that face disability.  And we take on the toughest work, with a special focus on children with non-visible disabilities, including developmental and learning disabilities.

It is my professional opinion, that for most of the clients we have served, they would have had a greatly reduced opportunity in procuring and maximizing such tax benefits on their own or with a generalized tax preparation service.

We also recognize the costs related to disability, both financial and health associated, so we work on the basis that our fees are charged only if we are successful in attaining disability tax certification and actual tax recovery for our clients.   If we aren’t successful, we aren’t paid – it’s that simple. 

At DTS we assist a wide range of clients, including those that have low incomes and no income tax payable (where transfer of benefits opportunities still exist).

If you or someone you know has a child with a disability, call or email us to schedule a free initial consultation.