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Fairness for your child – and nothing less

Since its inception in 2006 DTS has provided unparalleled dedicated expertise in disability tax and medical expense matters.   DTS was formed in response to a Parliamentary advisory committee report documenting unfair assessment procedures by CRA that were leaving many parents with little or no resources to support their children with learning or emotionally based disabilities.  Traditionally our work focus has been in matters around disability tax credit (DTC) applications involving a family with a child or teenager with a cognitive disorder (non-visible disability), often where CRA said “no” on DTC eligibility.   And as the hundreds of families we have served can confirm – DTS knows how to ensure fairness.

Fairness for Elders – they built this amazing country

In recent years DTS has turned to providing advanced tax services for families with an elderly parent, as we see so many cost saving opportunities missed in senior’s tax filings.   The importance of the disability tax credit for the elderly is often overlooked or under maximized. A survey of senior’s tax filings established that many elderly persons with health challenges are missing out on tax supports to deal with age related disability costs.  Senior’s tax filings often include costly mistakes that don’t take into account provincial health system supports.  In fact many elderly are paying out of pocket for supports that would be covered by the health care system. 

At DTS we have developed unique analysis systems in the area of determining potential and pre-existing eligibility for the disability tax credit certificate as determined by the Canada Revenue Agency. These include applications related to children with non-visible disabilities with a special focus on ADHD, learning disabilities and other cognitive disorders. We use our experience to recover tax credits and benefits most Canadians are unaware of, and the rewards can be substantial. Please review our articles and brochures to see if DTS can make a positive difference for your child – or your elderly parent.  When you contact us the initial discussion is free and without obligation. 

Mike Campagne CFP, BA **

** The views and content are those of the author and the article is not to be construed as financial advice, but rather as general information.  Please contact your health care provider to determine specific potential government health care supports to you or family members.  Always consult a tax professional in determining the optimal way for you to file your tax return in regard to relevant tax credits and deductions.  Due to the differences in provincial health care rules and regulations, DTS serves elderly clients only in British Columbia.