You can’t trust CRA

Updated June 22, 2019

You can’t trust CRA

Welcome to the new website for DTS and my first blogpost ever. 

Today is vital time to speak to Canada.  

CRA is running an extraordinary misinformation campaign.   CRA is trying to jam through new regulations, pretending a series of proposed restrictions will protect Canada’s disabled community.  Nothing could be further from the truth. 

What is true: CRA doesn’t like it when they are caught doing wrong and forced to walk back unfair decisions.  I’ve been holding CRA accountable for over a decade, gaining resources for families with children with cognitive impairments initially told by CRA “no – you get nothing”.

Under the camouflage and disingenuous guise of pretending to protect the disabled is a CRA plan to eliminate access to competent professionals that serve Canadians who have been mistreated by CRA.  Canadians whose taxpayer rights have been violated by CRA.  Canadians who have been wrongfully denied resources to support their disabled children by CRA.  To these very Canadians who have suffered at the hands of CRA comes this message from CRA:  “Trust us.” 

After 13 years DTS has a clear message to Canadians:  You can’t trust CRA.

Mike Campagne   CFP, BA


DTS Disability Tax Services Ltd.

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While we are working on the website you may want to review Lembi Buchanan’s tremendously helpful website Disability Tax Fairness Campaign. In 2006 after reading of Lembi’s advocacy work on behalf of Canadians with disabilities, I was inspired to start DTS.  Recent important news updates from Lembi can be found at: